• Lok Sabha passes the Triple Talaq Bill that would make Instant TripleTalaq a cognizable offence attracting up to three years of imprisonment along with a fine. Click to Read – Economics Times

  • India ranks 110th out of 160 countries in the fourth annual Human Freedom Index (HFI-2018) released by Cato Institute in collaboration with the Fraser Institute and the Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom. Click to Read – The Policy Times

  • Autopsy results reveal ruthless killing of Environmental protestors by the Indian Police by shooting them on the head and from behind, in stark violation of Indian Police Rules. Click to Read – UK News

  • Online trolling of women declared a Human Rights abuse by Amnesty Internationalafter a research found over 1 million ‘abusive’ and ‘problematic’ tweets directed over 750 women on Twitter. Click to Read – Amnesty International 

  • Veteran US Army Colonel Lawrence Sellin declares the ‘Economic cum Military’ alliance between China and Pakistan to be a Human Rights threat.                          Click to Read – Times Now News

  • Egyptian authorities release prominent Sexual Harassment activist Amal Fathy who was under house arrest for posting an online video criticizing the government for ‘deteriorating Public Services and lack of action against Sexual Harassment’.  Click to Read – The Guardian Post

  • HSBC bank decides to divest from Israeli Arm Developer and world’s prominent Drone Manufacturer Elibit on grounds of Human Rights and Humanitarian Law.  Click to Read – Jerusalem Post

  • ·UN Chief Guterres declares 2019 to be ‘reasons for hope’ in a world still on ‘red alert’Click to Read – UN News

  • United Nations Human Rights Experts urge Sudanese Forces to exercise utmost restraint in their operations to avoid the escalation of violence and take immediate measures to protect the right to life of the Sudanese people. Click to Read – UN News

  • UNICEF report shows increase in number of children facing ‘atrocities’ in countries at war, with many of them being used as shields and being recruited for fights which are considered major Human Rights violations per Security Council in 2005. Click to Read – UN News

  • United Nations Human Rights Experts express concern over a new draft Citizen’s Register in Assam that leaves four million people potentially stateless, inflaming ethnic tensions in an already fractious region.   Click to Read – UN Fox News


Collated by Shruti Shreya and Gyan Prakash Tripathi, Students of Symbiosis Law School, NOIDA


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