rohingya cp

Nearly 20,000 Killed In Syria War in 2018, Lowest in 8 Years: Human Rights Group

UN concerned over India returning Rohingyas to Myanmar

Church Raises Global Advocacy Against Farmers/Herders Crisis In Adamawa

Rio governor confirms plans for shoot-to-kill policing policy

US ceases cooperation with United Nations over potential human rights abuses

World Wildlife Fund Implicated in Human Rights Abuses and Illegal Land Grab

Pakistani Minister seeks international cooperation to address child sexual abuse

After Training, Army Deploys Special Police Squad To Fight Boko Haram

Human Rights activists criticize the crackdown of Venezuelan Authorities on Activists’ groups

UAE and Bahrain uphold stiff prison sentences for human rights activists


Veteran Actor Naseeruddin Shah in Amnesty video on Human Rights in India: Walls of hatred erected in name of religion

Human rights violation data under AFSPA being collected: Rijiju

Women in India form 620km-long ‘human wall’ for equal rights


Collated by Gyan Prakash Tripathi

Student of Symbiosis Law School, NOIDA

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