1. Russian authorities threaten Human Rights Lawyer Emil Kurbedinov to cancel his Bar Council license if he continues working for Human Rights issues in Crimea.

Click to Read – Human Rights Watch

  1. Human Rights Groups around the world raise voice against Venezuela for torturing military personnel who are accused of plotting against the Central government.

Click to Read – ABP News

  1. Saudi Arabian woman Rahaf Mohammed al-Qunun granted asylum in Canada after renowned Human Rights agencies appeal to the Thai government to stop her deportation to Saudi Arabia.

Click to Read – Human Rights Watch

  1. Saudi Arabia plans to deport scores of Rohingya to Bangladesh where they shall be accorded refugee status.

Click to Read – India Today News

  1. Europe’s top Human Rights court to hear the case against the Belgium government for euthanizing a woman suffering from depression, an incident that established Belgium as world’s leading euthanasia doctor.

Click to Read – Times of India

  1. New Afghan Defense Minister Asadullah Khalid likely to face investigations and sanctions at the behest of the United Nations for grievous Human Rights violations including sexual assault and torture.

Click to Read – Human Rights Watch

  1. The Malaysian government proposes a new law to implicate sanctions against people criticizing the monarchy, a step marking their latest backtracking on Human Rights promises.

Click to Read – Human Rights Watch

  1. Lok Sabha passes the bill to remove leprosy as a ground for divorce as now it is a curable disease as against the earlier notion of being incurable.

Click to Read – Times of India

  1. India’s Army ChiefBipin Rawat declares that the Section 377 verdict will not apply to the country’s soldiers and there shall continue to remain no room for homosexuals in the Indian Army, citing the conservative nature of our military setup.

Click to Read – Hindustan Times

  1. The Kerala State Human Rights commission asks the State government to grant compensation to the family of a 23 year old man for medical negligence after his private parts were severely injured during circumcision.

Click to Read – News 18 Network


Collated By:  Ms. Shruti Shreya &  Mr. Gyan Prakash Tripathi
                        Students of Law at Symbiosis Law School, NOIDA

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