The battle to run this country has once again begun, the race to the race course is in full swing, the political parties are forming and disbanding their allies, the “Chai pey Charchas” have again shifted their debates to the politics going around, people across the nation are seen abusing and admiring the political leaders across the political spectrum, the karyakartas of every political party have geared their boots and are working with full determination. The largest democracy of the world is ready for the mega event and the voters are ready with their biggest Constitutional weapon, their “RIGHT TO VOTE”.

This general election will decide the future of this country in a way no other election has ever had, the battle for a place in Raisina Hills this time is between a leader and a group of leaders, in the context of the present election, it’s “MODI v. MAHAGATHBANDHAN”. BJP, a party having majority in the Parliament with 273 out of 543 seats are facing the wrath of around 21 political parties across the nation that are contesting this election together with a singular agenda of ousting Modi from the centre.

In a democratic electoral process, alliance formation is not a new concept and is well within the means to win the election, however the welfare of the people of this country is paramount and therefore, every political party and the voters too should anticipate the outcome of any alliance, especially in an election where the de facto head of the government (Prime Minister) is to be elected.

The choice this time is between a party with a decisive leadership and the Mahagathbandhan having several leaders but no common leadership, thus making the opposition susceptible to misadventures. Every party that is a part of grand alliance is proposing the name of their leader for leading the alliance and is projecting them as the Prime Ministerial candidate. Leaders like Rahul Gandhi, Mayawati, Mamata Banerjee and Chandra Babu Naidu are among the few of the many names that have been projected as the Prime Ministerial candidate of the Mahagathbandhan by their own parties along with the support of few other regional parties. The winds of uncertainty is still blowing in the Grand alliance’s camp as none of these leaders are ready to forego their ambitions of ruling the country and this will eventually burst the bubble of Mahagathbandhan or an unwanted and unprecedented settlement could  be effectuated on the issue of the Prime Ministerial candidate if by chance the alliance reaches the threshold of 272 seats. In such a case, the country might witness Prime Ministers being replaced with changing seasons and this musical chair will be on for the entire five years as it seems to be the only point of agreement between the alliance parties that could hold them together throughout the tenure of 5 years.

Now imagine the plight of mis-governance this country will undergo under different leaders belonging to different parties and what if, before the completion of the 5 year term, any single party of the Mahagathbandhan opts out of the alliance due to their any unsettled and unachieved ambitions. In such a situation, the country will be left with a dissociated government with no choice and hope besides the financial burden of re-election. A weak and a fragile government cannot become a choice to tackle with the problems that India is facing and most importantly a government with no definite leadership will be the worst in dealing with issues of national security and in case of any imminent threat from enemy nations, such apprehensions require immediate actions and not deliberations between the political parties in the midst of crisis.

Also, in the light of recent hostility at our borders, we cannot afford to choose a political party or a group of parties to run this country whose manifestos are in consonance with the agendas of our enemy nation and has adapted pro-separatist outlook to deal with issues of national security. So, are we ready to give Mahagathbandhan a license to defend this country and can we leave the fate of our armed forces whose unmatchable act of valor and determination are questioned by almost every alliance parties in today’s opposition?

This country has been governed by many coalition governments in the past too, be it of Vajpayee during his tenure as a Prime Minister between 1999 and 2004 or by Manmohan Singh between 2004 and 2014, without going into the performance of these two governments, one fortunate commonality that we can certainly find between the two governments is that there was no inter-party or inter-alliance challenge to the leadership of both the governments throughout their respective tenures which subsequently proved to be a driving force in smooth completion of the tenures by both the above leaders. Now, can the Mahagathbandahan ensure the people of this country that there will be no disruption by their allies and the voters will not get betrayed after choosing a third front to run the nation. The only alternative to avoid crashing of the government before five years is to choose a party having no leadership crisis and a credible leader whose authority is not challenged within the party and the alliance.

This elections is seen as a fight between Prime Minister Modi and Congress President Rahul Gandhi, however Rahul Gandhi is not the first choice of Mahagathbandhan’s face for many of its alliances. However, if we consider him as the closest competitor of Narendra Modi by virtue of being the President of the largest opposition party, even then he falls short of the current Prime Minister in terms of popularity, past performances and most importantly experience of governance and ability to take decisions and to stand by it.

Rahul Gandhi has represented one Lok Sabha constituency in his entire political career, from 2004 till present day, he has been the MP of Amethi lok sabha seat which was left by her mother and former President of the Indian National Congress (INC) Mrs. Sonia Gandhi. Despite being a VIP seat and having been represented by the Nehru-Gandhi dynasts, still Amethi awaits development and the basic necessities, the performance of Rahul Gandhi as an MP speaks a lot about his efficiency and intent to work for the development of this country and now since he has planned to fight election from the Wayanad constituency as well, the people of Amethi is left with nothing but another experience of getting dumped by another Nehru-Gandhi dynast. This short introduction of a Rahul Gandhi, a Prime Minister aspirant is enough for the people to decide as to which of the two sides they have to choose.

Narendra Modi, the current Prime Minister and a three time Chief Minister has in fact proved himself as a leader in true sense and has emerged as one of the global leaders of the world which of course has raised the self esteem of this country and its citizens, even the critics would applaud the work of this government in establishing India as a world leader and marking its place among the other great nations, the support and backing that India got after the recent air strikes in Balakot, PoK (Pakistan Occupied Kashmir) helped India in isolating Pakistan in various international forums, even the OIC (Organisation for Islamic Countries) of whose Pakistan is the  founding member, rejected Pakistan’s opposition to invite India’s Foreign Minister as Chief Guest at the conference held in Abu Dhabi on March 1, 2019, this was the first time India was ever invited as a Chief Guest by an OIC.

The above comparison of the two leaderships will give us a broad perspective to ponder upon our choices before casting our votes this general election, it is for we the people to make this election a decisive one, it is our vote that will change the destiny of this nation in the next 5 five years. Let’s take a step back and think what our nation actually wants and deserves, does it deserve a government which was defined as ‘fragile’ where there was a reign of policy paralysis and un-decisiveness that took inflation rate to double digits and where secessionist tendencies were at its helm or does this nation deserve a government having a bold and decisive leadership, one that is undertaking big financial and sectoral reforms, one that has lowered the burden of tax payers and has brought the number of tax payers considerably high, post their landmark banking and financial reforms and the government under whose rule the pro-separatist leadership is facing jail term and are under the scanner of the investigating agencies.

The issues on which the votes will be casted in this elections are inexhaustible and cannot be dealt with or thought about by an individual in its entirety, but it is incumbent on the voters to choose a leadership that is looking to serve the nation and not to win their lost grounds and to save their own political career and preserving their dynastic.





Disclaimer: the views presented in the article are personal views of the author & are not intended to hurt sentiments of any.

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