1. After a wait of 10 years, the South Mumbai Consumer Disputes Redressal Forum recently directed the doctors and the Bombay Hospital and Medical Research Centre to grant a compensation of Rs. 5 lakh to a woman who contracted a life-threatening virus after undergoing a

Click to Read – The Hindu

  1. Per the report of Human Rights Watch, government cuts to welfare over the past decade have resulted in tens of thousands of poor families in England left without enough food to eat a clear breach of the government’s duty to ensure adequate food.

Click to Read – Human Rights Watch

  1. Council of Europe’s commissioner for Human Rights accuses Hungary’s government of violating people’s rights and using anti-migrant rhetoric that fuels “xenophobic attitudes, fear and hatred”.

Click to Read – The Guardian

  1. In a move that is likely to put the UK’s patchy approach to autocratic regimes under greater scrutiny, the country decides to appoint Rita French as an international ambassador dedicated to the promotion of Human Rights.

Click to Read – The Guardian

  1. A group of Torres Strait Islanders from low-lying islands off the northern coast of Australia lodge a complaint with the United Nations Human Rights committee alleging inaction on part of the Australian government against climate change.

Click to Read – The Guardian

  1. The Adani Group commercial deal worth US$290 million with a holding company controlled by the Myanmar armed forces raises concerns, as the company has been accused of committing genocide and crimes against humanity by the UN investigators.

Click to Read – The Guardian

  1. Per a joint report of Association of Parents of Disappeared Persons (APDP) and Jammu and Kashmir Coalition of Civil Society (JKCCS), prisoners in Indian administered Kashmir are subjected to abuse and torture, including “water-boarding, sleep deprivation and sexualised torture including rape and sodomy”.

Click to Read – Al Zazeera

  1. The late Malawian soldier Chancy Chitete, will be honoured with the UN’s highest peacekeeping award by the UN Secretary-General; in recognition of his “brave and selfless” action under fire in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) by  saving the life of a fellow ‘blue helmet’ and ­­helping his colleagues repel an armed group.

Click to Read – UN News

  1. According to the UN emergency food relief agency World Food Programme, without full access and “freedom to decide” who receives lifesaving aid, in Houthi rebel-controlled areas of Yemen, where in it is facing “obstructive and uncooperative behaviour at the hands of some of the Houthi leaders”; it could be forced to implement a “phased suspension” of relief operations.

Click to Read – UN News

  1. UN Independent Human Rights experts condemn the Italian government’s proposal to fine those who rescue migrants or refugees at sea, saying that the government should “stop endangering the lives of migrants, including asylum seekers and victims of trafficking in persons”, in the name of national security.

Click to Read – UN News


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