WhatsApp Image 2018-10-03 at 12.10.43 (4)Shiwani Agarwal

Student | Debater | MUNer | Drama Artist. 

I associate myself with Human Rights in General as the only reason I took up law as my discipline was to be able to help people. I have grown up in an environment where people are mostly unaware of their basic human rights.

Hence, my primary goal behind writing for Contego Humanitas, is to pen my thoughts about the ongoing human rights crisis around the world, and help spread as much awareness as I can, so that people are aware of their rights and are enabled to lead a dignified life.

Email me at shiwani.1998@gmail.com

WhatsApp Image 2018-10-03 at 12.10.44Bhavya Sareen

Researcher | Debater | Artist

Contego Humanitas has not only provided me a platform to raise awareness among the masses relating to current Human Rights issues but has also helped me to develop a better legal understanding and perspective. It’s playing an important role in shaping up my personality as a more confident, well informed and concerned legal professional.

The purpose of opting law over other subjects was to do something good for the society, to help them overcome their atrocities and make their lives better. Thus, by writing for this blog I want to make a small contribution in bringing a big positive change in the society.

Being a foody Punjabi girl, I love to try mughlai, Punjabi and variety of street food items. Since childhood, I love dancing and so have done various stage performances too. I am a big fan of Atif Aslam and so love to listen his songs. An adventure lover, I believe in the moto “Life is Now”!

E-mail me at sareen.bhavya115@gmail.com

WhatsApp Image 2018-10-03 at 12.10.43 (5)Abhi Sharma


I write for Contego Humanitas to make people aware about the everyday happenings around them. Sharing my thought process with others gives me the satisfaction of playing an instrumental role in developing the perspective of people around me. Hence my primary goal behind writing for this blog is to update people about the changing day to day scenarios.

I love to read, write & sleep.

E-mail me at 1801abhisharma@gmail.com

WhatsApp Image 2018-10-03 at 12.10.43 (6)Stuti Dwiwedi

Basketball Player | Criminal Law Enthusiast

Contego Humanitas is a blog for highlighting the problems relating to human rights and as a human being, I totally connect with it on the very ground level. This blog aims to help people by making them aware about the problems faced by individuals around the world.

My main motive behind writing for this blog is to make others and myself aware about the problems and crisis pertaining to human rights violation around the world. There are lot of issues one is not aware about, so my end is to keep people and myself updated and also to grow as an individual in this process.

I love eating, sleeping & watching movies/sitcoms.

E-mail me at stutidwivedi36@gmail.com

naimishNaimish Tewari

Constitutional Law Enthusiast

I am a first year learner at symbiosis law school, NOIDA. I am an all-rounder and take part in all activities, be it sports or academics. I am part of the management team for the college fest as well as the cultural team.

The love of my life is the Indian constitution and i never stop talking about it. I’m also a promulgator of human rights and strives to protect them. I’m an enthusiastic, funny, ever-happy human being and love to accommodate everyone around me.

Email me at naimish98@gmail.com

IMG-20181122-WA0126Anvi Jha

Avid Reader |Super Curious Mind

I write at Contego Humanitas to understand the plight of people all around the globe, and hopefully make someone else understand this as well.

I accept that the world is changing and seek to realise how we can help people achieve their human rights in this new dynamic world.

Email me at anvi99@gmail.com

IMG_0943Sanjri Misri

Mooter | Feminist

A happy-go-lucky student of law propagating equal rights for all.
Email me at sanjrim@gmail.com