Dard-ae-Kashaf: Story of a Rohingya Child

The place she called Home Kashaf did not have the means to watch FRIENDS, and the few friends she had in the make-shift school in the Rakhine Province of Myanmar were also dwindling. Little did she know that her ancestors were disowned by the Myanmar Government way back in 1982.[1] Her Ammi (mother) told her … Continue reading Dard-ae-Kashaf: Story of a Rohingya Child

Opinion| Why not Voting for BJP would Discredit the Nation

The battle to run this country has once again begun, the race to the race course is in full swing, the political parties are forming and disbanding their allies, the “Chai pey Charchas” have again shifted their debates to the politics going around, people across the nation are seen abusing and admiring the political leaders … Continue reading Opinion| Why not Voting for BJP would Discredit the Nation

Snooping Order by MHA- Is India going towards Authoritarian Surveillance Regime?

We all have heard about infamous ‘Investigatory Powers Bill’ also referred to as “Snoopers Charter” which was passed by both Houses of British Parliament in 2016. India which will overtake its colonial power in terms of GDP in 2019 is all set to follow their lead with respect to surveillance norms. India’s Ministry of Home Affairs on 20th December 2018, by way of notification, has authorized ten central agencies and bodies to intercept, monitor, and decrypt “any information generated, transmitted, received or stored in any computer”.

Human Rights 101

Human rights are defined as the inherent rights of every human being acquired by the virtue of one’s birth. These are the most basic and fundamental rights established to ensure a culturally, socially, politically, and economically acceptable standard of living. The concept of human rights does not make sense unless they are viewed as fundamental … Continue reading Human Rights 101

Genesis of the Indian Constitution

December 9th 1946, witnessed the inception of a voyage wherein India attained its independence from the British rule, and India changed from “British India” to “India”. The voyage entailed deciding upon its national flag, national anthem, and most importantly the adoption of “The Indian Constitution”. A demand that India’s political fate should be in the … Continue reading Genesis of the Indian Constitution