Contego Humanitas means protecting humanity.

The Latin word ‘contego’ means to protect and ‘humanitas’ corresponded to the Greek concepts of philanthrôpía (loving what makes us human) and paideia (education) which were amalgamated with a series of qualities that made up the traditional unwritten Roman code of conduct.

We, at Contego Humanitas, aim to bring out pertinent human rights issues across the world before everyone and nurture, among budding human rights advocates, a flair for academic writing on social issues.

The idea of running this blog was devised by Pranav, Manthan Dixit and Aman Chachan while sipping coffee in the college canteen at Symbiosis Law School, NOIDA. Months later Pranav made a rudimentary page on WordPress which has now been resurrected to its present form. The name “Contego Humanitas” was christened by Paranjay Tripathi (Director of light bulb moments). It was streamlined by the expertise and consistent guidance from Mr. Harsh Bajpai and reinforced by the support and  mentoring from Dr. Garima Yadav.