Human Rights Weekly Round-up | April| Week 1| 2019

Supreme Court reprimands the State of Assam for its submission that thousands of illegal immigrants declared as foreigners by its Foreigners Tribunals have absconded and merged with the general public and stops short of issuing non bailable warrant against the Chief Secretary, miffed by his absence in the court.   Click to Read – News 18 … Continue reading Human Rights Weekly Round-up | April| Week 1| 2019

Snooping Order by MHA- Is India going towards Authoritarian Surveillance Regime?

We all have heard about infamous ‘Investigatory Powers Bill’ also referred to as “Snoopers Charter” which was passed by both Houses of British Parliament in 2016. India which will overtake its colonial power in terms of GDP in 2019 is all set to follow their lead with respect to surveillance norms. India’s Ministry of Home Affairs on 20th December 2018, by way of notification, has authorized ten central agencies and bodies to intercept, monitor, and decrypt “any information generated, transmitted, received or stored in any computer”.